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    Hi guys,my friend installed windows 7 and the beta ended so I decided to install windows again.

    Instead of installing vista, I installed Win Xp 64 bit edition.I installed most of the drivers but I can't get the driver for my wireless card to work.

    It's the rosewill Rnx G300e, I've gone to their official site and downloaded the drivers but when I did, it still doesn't work.

    I've gone on the net but I can't find enough information because those who've had the problem solved it by going to the official site.

    Also, whenever I turn on the computer, I get a message that windows found new hardware but it can't name it. It says it's found hardware called "unknown", I'm guessing it's the wireless card but it still can't find the drivers.

    Has anybody had the same problem or can somebody help me out?

    Wireless Card
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    click start run
    type sysdm.cpl
    hit enter
    click hardware
    click device manager
    look at network devices
    is there a sub directory underneath that has your wireless card with a
    red X
    If not if you click the + sign to the left of network devices do you now see your network card and maybe the wireless
    The unkown device could be something on the mainboard.
    power down your pc, take the wireless card out and reboot see if the unknown device is still there in device manager

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