Windows [Mini-ITX] Intel Core I3-2120T, 2x 2.60GHz HTPC/Office Build (Low Voltage & Quiet)

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    Hey Guys,

    Just put created a great DIY build. Take a look!

    This build incorporates:
    -Intel DH67CFB3 system board
    -Intel Core i3-2120T processor
    -Ark Technology CI02 chassis
    -Seagate Momentus XT 500GB hybrid drive
    -2x 2GB DDR3 memory modules (4GB)

    This computer came together for under $500 and is screamin fast!

    The motherboard used supports:

    -DVI port, HDMI port, Display port (HDMI fires as the primary with DVI second)

    - High definition audio with analog and digital outputs (7.1 + 2 multi-streaming)

    - Gigabit LAN port

    - one eSATA port

    - four USB2 ports

    - two USB3 ports

    This build really exceeded my expectations and I wrote an article about it here: to build with a companion video embedded)

    Companion Video direct link:
    Tell me what you think! [​IMG]

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