Virgin Mobile offers free beer and kebabs!

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    Source: The Register

    Virgin Mobile is offering its gig-going punters free beer and kebabs this summer as part plans to be nice to its customers.

    Virgin Mobile punters attending certain youth-oriented events will be invited to text the word "beer" or "kebab" to a short code number. In return, they'll receive a text containing a voucher for two free beers and a kebab.

    These vouchers can then be redeemed at bars and kebab vans fitted with special terminals.

    A spokeswoman for firm (shame her name wasn't Donna) said the free beer and kebab campaign was "a great way to reward customers".

    This is the third year Virgin Mobile - which is being acquired by cableco NTL - has carried out such a promo. Sheesh!

    LOL, I love all the puns it this artical.

    Anyways, I can't stand Kebabs.. YUK! Not even when I am too drunk to care... :swt:
  2. Matt555

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    Kebabs = greasy pools of fat wrapped in pittas.

    But they're so damn good when you've 'ad a few too many!
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    I remember a friend of mine bought one the way home after a boozing session. It was a bitterly-cold night, below freezing point. He decided to wait the 15 minutes it was going to take him to walk home before he would eat the kebab.

    When he got to his house, he found that the fat of the meat had actually frozen and the whole thing looked disgusting!

    He did not eat it. I think although he was drunk, he wasn't drunk enough!

    I've always thought of this incident, and when I'm tempted (which is very rare) to have one - this always comes to mind and acts as my deterrent!
  4. Nic

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    Wooo what an offer! Im on Virign :D
  5. Karanislove

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    I love Kebabs!...Ummm~!...Chicken Kebabs........Love'em.

    I think this has to be in Special Offers/Promotion section.........
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    Must be a UK thing. I'm using Virgin myself here and this is the first I've heard of it.

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