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Discussion in 'Video Cards, Displays and TV Tuners' started by StimpE, Mar 10, 2013.

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    I'm looking to spend around $200 CDN,I don't keep myself updated with video cards these days, here are my system specs:

    win 7 64 bit
    6gb triple channel ddr3
    geforce GTS 250 (x2 in SLI)
    Intel Core i7 930 @ 2.80GHz

    I was eyeing up this post
    and this card

    the computer is about 2.5 years old, the GTS 250's arent cutting it with 2013 games specifically (diablo 3 and simcity 2013). I have no allegiance to radeons or geforces, whichever packs the most punch for the pricerange. Thanks for any advice!
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    If budget is 200$, I would buy this card: GTX 660

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