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Discussion in 'Concert Hall' started by Impotence, Nov 21, 2007.

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    Just got back from Glasgow :D

    It was a :swear: amazing gig! Arch Enemy, Dragonforce, Machine head! (and Trivium, unfortunately).

    I have never seen so many people go so :swear: crazy! I got rather badly owned in a mosh pit when Arch enemy were on, but i still managed to stand for the rest of the gig until machine head came on at the end (by this point we had managed to work our way to the front of the crowd, about half a meter from the barrier) and everything just went :swear: mad... i got completely and utterly owned trying to escape though, i can't really walk and its impossible to pick anything up thats lower than my knee's (i had to get my flat mate to take my boots off).

    My dad gets tramadol for this sort of back pain, and the doctor at the gig didn't even offer me paracetamol :( (maybe because its completely useless for this sort of pain? there are much better things ;)).

    But don't let that put you off, if you can go you really should! (stay at the back if you dont want to get hurt, it was quite calm there)
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    thats the sweetest SH*T ever, dragonforce is sweet. I'm going to a show on the 26th, some really sweet band from my state are playing, gonna be sweet. Anyways, i'm jealous.

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