rebuilding PC: No Video Input

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ccdean100, Jan 10, 2008.

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    Hi, I recently transferred all components into a new case with new PSU and CPU cooler (due to noise).

    Everything comes on, but I'm getting a "no video input" message on the monitor. I've tried two different monitors, 3 different graphics cards, but get the same result.

    Can anyone suggest a course of action?

    Here are the specs:

    400W iCute PSU
    Elitegroup Motherboard, 649-M3
    P4 CPU
    2GB RAM
    Maxtor 300GB HDD
    Akasa CPU fan
    GeForce 7100 video card (PCI-E)
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    since you've tried different graphic cards and monitors (and presumably you hear no beeps) then the fault lies with the motherboard, since you have a P4 cpu check the electrical connections from the psu, including the (12 or 5v) p4 connector that plugs in opposet the cpu, the system won't powerup if that isnt plugged in.

    failing that, check the CASE speaker connector pins are correctly plugged into the main board, thus to rule out possible "beeping" occurances that you wont be able to hear if the speaker isnt functioning.

    if you still hear no beeps your mobo might be knacked, can you test all other components on a second pc?

    (ps, does your gpu need a auxilary power source, usually 6-pin PCI-E connector?)
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    what do the lights on the front of the case do ?

    did you connect both of the power connectors to the mainbaord, in the case of a P4 ? Did you clear the cmos and forget to put the jumper back on the correct pins ? disconnect all power cables going to the hard drive, cdrom, floppy...etc, also remove the data cables and non essentials to try and get a post. If 2 sticks of ram try one at a time. do you have onboard and a video card ? did you try vid at both

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