Opera Mini Rocks!

Discussion in 'Tablets, Phones and Music Players' started by megamaced, Jun 23, 2006.

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    I decided to check out Opera's Mini browser for mobile phones earlier today. Unlike the built-in WAP browser in most phones, Opera's browser allows you to view the real internet.
    Opera Mini resizes all of the internet images and text perfectly to fit on a mobile phone's small screen. I was browsing HWF on my Sony Ericsson W800i with no problem :)

    It's really good and definately worth a download (via WAP, 95KB in size)

    Click here for more info and to find out if your phone is compatible
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    I just installed on my O2 XDA mini S (Basically a Qtek 9100)

    It's not bad, although it had some issues when I use the screen in landscape more, it didn't expand to fit the screen, stayed the same width as it was when in portrait mode, other than that it's pretty cool!

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