OMG Google actually IS a threat

Discussion in 'The War Zone' started by RHochstenbach, Sep 8, 2009.

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    I've read quite some articles about the power of Google, but I never paid attention to it...until today.

    If you look at the major features that Google has to offer (including their purchases):

    - Search Engine
    - Youtube (online videos)
    - Email (gmail)
    - Google Talk (chat)
    - Online Apps (Calendar en Office Suite)
    - News articles
    - Maps
    - Checkout (payment system like Paypal)
    - Blog system (Blogger)
    - Ads provider
    - Google Chrome (web browser)
    - Chrome OS
    - Google Android

    Now if they would purchase Twitter, they can provide all features of the Internet! So if they also dominate the web with all of their products, they basically own the Internet. That could indeed be a threat, as the Internet shouldn't be owned by anyone. Just imagine that a commercial company can decide what people can see and cannot see...
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    I understand the hate against huge corporations, but the majority of the time Google is on the side of progress and to make a difference. They may make a lot of money in the process, but all the stuff they make is golden. You also forgot Google Voice(which i am a HUGE fan of, purchased that from Grand Central). So they will control all of our phone conversations soon to.:D
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    i wouldn't mind
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    No problem, as long as the administration of that corporation is in the right hands...

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