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    Whenever i boot my pc from cold, and it's cold in my room, the fans seem to make loads of noise and then it starts to get less noisier as the pc gets warmer,

    And my pc is really noisy anyway,

    1 intake fan 80mm 2300rpm

    1 outake fan 80mm 2300rpm

    cpu fan 60mm 4600 rpm

    on there own there not that noisy, but when there all running together, it's noisy as hell, where can i get a silent 60mm cpu fan that runs at 4600 rpm, has to be that speed for good cooling, for some reason the noise hasnt bothered me up intil now, built the pc last xmas, maybe its just me, maybe i listen too much, lol

    feedback please
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    The ultimate way would be to get a 80mm or a 92mm fan for your cpu. Because unless I'm mistaken, every 60mm fans will make noise.

    Maybe your fans are dying on you. Do they make more noise than usual ?
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    If you live in espcially dusty or especially humid area, your fans could be trying to tell you that they're on their last legs. This is especially true if you are using sleeve-bearing fans. They have about 1/5 the average lifespan of ball-bearing or magneto-driven fans. If you can afford it, I'd replace the questionable fans with GlobalWin fans. They're the fastest, quietest and longest-lasting fans I've ever seen. If you can't get those, I'd recommend ThermalTake ball-bearing, or Antec ball-bearing fans.

    If in fact you cannot afford the $5 a piece to replace all your troubled fans, you can add another 5,000~10,000 hours to their lives with a simple remedy. First, remove the fans from your chassis. Do your best to gently remove any dust/lint/gunk that has accumulated on them. Then *carefully* remove the sticker on the fan motor, setting it aside for later use. Put a drop or two of light machine oil (such as 3-in-one household oil, or sewing machine motor oil) on the metal bearing. Wipe the surface of any excess oil, and replace the sticker. Make sure the sticker properly seals the bearing so no oil leaks out. You don't want oil spraying all over the inside of your system when you turn the fans on! :swt: Put the fans back in the chassis, and you're good to go :)

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