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Discussion in 'New Build / Upgrade Advice' started by Chorazin, Feb 6, 2009.

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    1st time poster heh, alright the AMD Athlon64 3200+, 3gigs of DDR RAM, and Radeon X800pro has had it's day, its even got the old Sony trinitron CRT heh.

    time for something new, and im looking for some advice as it's been a long time since i built a new rig as you can tell from my specs. Reviews only tell you so much, but other people may have had actual hands on experience with the components im listing and had good or bad experiences that hopefully they are willing to share.

    This is what i have in mind currently-

    Radeon 4870 x2(2gig version)
    Intel core2 quad Q6600~Kentsfield
    Gigabyte GA-EP45T mobo
    Ram - unsure atm, looking for advice on DDR3 ram 4gig enough? 6gig? i was looking at CORSAIR TwinX3 DHX 2gig x 2(4gig) 1333mhz
    PSU - unsure how much wattage i will actually need for this rig, 700? 1000? It's not running many drives, 1TB SataII, OCZ Solid State, and the blu-ray burner/all in 1.
    SeaGate 1TB 7200rpm SATA-2 NCQ 32meg, this is my storage drive
    Enermax Uber Chakra case
    OCZ Technology OCZ 60GB Core Series V2 2.5in MLC SSD ~ windows drive
    Samsung 2493HM 24inch
    Logitch G-15 gaming keyboard
    USB frag pedals

    This computer will be used for everything, i have currently a LOGITECH Z5500 Digital 5.1 setup for my old comp, and a Plantronics 770digital surround sound headset, so the speakers attached to the Samsung 2493HM are a bit redundant, but the monitor has scored well in a lot of reviews because of it's crispness and clarity(not to mention it's 5ms response time for gaming). If anyone knows a 24inch on par with this monitor thats cheaper and has no speakers attached that would be perfect for me.

    I may overclock, thus i chose the Q6600 over the Q8200, everything else looks pretty straightforward,

    It needs to complete a lot of functions

    Gaming rig(some DX10 games, maybe trying windows 7 beta)
    Stereo-Movie Player-Entertainment suite for my room
    Work Desktop(3d modeling as well as standard desktop functionality).

    Any advice would be appreciated :D

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