Need Advice on SATA card/controller

Discussion in 'New Build / Upgrade Advice' started by mosthumbleguy, Apr 17, 2009.

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    I have an HP ML350 Server. It originally used 2 mirrored IDE drives to run aix/unix with a specialized software program. I now want to use this server as a disaster continuity and backup server. I will be installing windows sbs 2003 software (I already have this license) but wanted to install SATA drives if possible. This wouldn't be a primary server it would be for backup and to use in case of the main server's failure. It will be located at a different site and Data from the main server will be backed up each night over the internet on this server.

    Would SATA drives be practical? Fast enough for my use and what kind of options do I have that will work with this computer? PCI RAID cards or PCI Express cards to work with SATA? Any advice will be greatly appreaciated. I'm not very knowledgable about what hardware I should purchase to enable me to use 5 or more SATA drives in RAID 1 and/or 5 (I usually use RAID1 for OS and RAID 5 for Data). Not sure what RAID level I want to use with this server yet. Thanks again.

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