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Discussion in 'Tablets, Phones and Music Players' started by zeus, Oct 13, 2006.

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    A friend has just bought an ipod nano and says that you can only put songs on it from itunes. She wants to put her cds on it... is it possible? I was told the other day how ipods only accept stuff from itunes, its all new to me. I payed for an iriver pmp400 once but UPS lost it and I never bothered looking into this sort of stuff since.

    Is it possible to put any old mp3 on ipods?
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    Yeah, you put the MP3's into your iTunes library and when you connect the iPod up it updates changes you've made in your library. The source of the MP3 file doesn't matter.

    If you want to put songs from CD's iTunes can rip CD's to the computers HDD and then the songs are automatically stored in the iTunes library.

    Hope that helps a bit. :)

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