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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by CrabbyX, Jan 7, 2007.

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    This is something that's really got on my nerves for quite a while across numerous sites offering help via forums, and I can see with the 'unanswered threads' and 'times helpful' features you're aiming to create a forum people can get quick helpful responses.

    When I post a question on here or other forums I'm delighted to find that I receive a post within a few minutes. However, I often find that people almost never read a question fully and give the quickest (and likely unhelpful) response they can, in order to boost their 'times helpful' or most usually their post count. (Take for example my 2nd most recent thread created).

    Of course, this causes problems because most of the people who are posting responses to questions are looking at the threads with no replies (and using your 'unanswered threads' filter), because they assume that replies mean the question has been answered correctly, and/or won't think twice about trying to answer a question that the first reply couldn't answer.

    So, what I'm requesting is that there be a way of thread creators marking their threads as 'fully answered', perhaps prompted each time a response is made. Of course you cannot expect every thread creator to know that they should do this, so including a reporting system for normal users (primarily regulars) to report unmarked threads that are seemingly answered which then administrators can check over and confirm. Oh and of course this would only be active within the appropriate forums.

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    We do have a Solved feature where the Moderator and the thread creator can solve the thread. The thread then shows [solved] tags around the title.

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