Halo the movie!!

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    HALO is in production!!!

    Halo - The Movie - Directed by Neill Blomkamp, produced by Peter Jackson

    check out the web-site to get the latest updates. To bad Peter Jackson is producing it..I wish Jerry Bruckhymer (I do not know how to spell his name) was producing it since he did such an amazing job on Transformers.

    Google Image Result for http://www.dorkclub.com/halo3dlc.jpg

    check this site out for the very first production pic of the actual Halo set..:D

    I cant wait!! I'm a Halo junkie and a movie junkie!

    also in the making WarCraft
    Prince of Persia
    Spider Man 4
    Superman Man of Steel
    Metal Gear Solid
    Max Payne with Mark Walhberg

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