Got the iPhone 3GS!

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    I've purchased an iPhone 3GS 16GB today.

    The speed has been dramatically increased, compared to the 3G. It's almost never neccesary to wait for an app to launch. It's a bit faster than the iPod Touch 2nd Gen.

    The compass in the 3GS is a 'real' compass built into the device. When you hold a magnet close to the phone, the compass starts to lose control. After that, you need to move the phone in an 8-shape to recalibrate. Having a real compass makes navigating easier. It even works together with Google Maps to give a better overview of the direction that you're facing.

    The quality of the photo's has been increased (3PM). They look much better now, but you can still see that they're shot with a cell phone.

    When using the auto-focus (pointing at a spot triggers the auto-focus to that spot), you can actually see the lens move forward and backwards.

    The quality and framerate of the video's are also very good. The 30 fps make it look like you're actually looking through a window. I've never seen such a high framerate in the latest phones.

    If you send a video through MMS, the quality gets reduced unfortunately.

    To shoot photo's, you'll need to hold the device with two hands. When triggering auto-focus and shooting all with one finger, the device starts to shake and needs to re-focus. This is a disadvantage

    When using the Photo application, you can send and delete multiple images at once.

    Voice Control
    The voice control gives you the ability to manage your calls and music player with your voice. You can even command it to play other songs that are similar to the song you're currenty playing. The iPod Shuffle has a similar feature.

    Shake to Shuffle
    Just like the iPod Nano, you can shake the phone to initiate the shuffle feature.

    I've made some photo's and video's with the 3GS that I've uploaded to my gallery.

    iPhone 3GS + Apple Universal Dock = no way
    I have an Apple Universal Dock with an iPhone 3G insertion piece. However, when connecting the 3GS, two of the three times I see an error message stating that the dock is not compatible with the 3GS, and therefore it won't charge the battery. But re-seating it into the Dock fixes the problem at that moment.

    New earbuds
    The new earbuds now contain a button that can not only play and pause songs, but also manage the volume by using the + and - buttons on the cable. There's also a small rubber piece included to hold the wires together. If you don't want that, you can pull one wire out of the rubber piece.

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