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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kyle89, Jul 31, 2006.

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    When there is nothing in my house to eat, this is what I make.

    Things Needed:
    2 Tortillas
    Shredded Cheese (Preferably Colby & Monterey Jack, for me at least.)

    Get a plate, put one tortilla down, put enough cheese to cover the general surface area of the tortilla. then put another tortilla on top of that. Put cheese on in the same manner again. Put in a microwave for a minute and ten seconds. When done, fold over once, then again, so it looks like a slice of pizza. And Enjoy!
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    SSShhhhhhhh! yummy!

    Good thread started Kyle, coz it will help most of the guys who's life is very busy and cant make food which takes long time.

    What I do when I have to cook something fast........
    Make a toast...
    Take one slice of potato (I prefer bubble n squeek)
    Two slices of bread
    Spread butter on both the slices of bread with little bit salt and pepper on it...
    put potato slice in it and throw it in the toaster for 5 mins....

    1. Boil them , which takes 10Mins to me for 4Eggs. Then peel them, cut each of them into two halves, add some salt and pepper and eat them...
    2. Break three eggs in a bowl, add some salt and pepper in it, if you have some Mix Vegs then add that as well. Stirr it well. Take a frying Pan, put some oil in it and pour those eggs in it, stirr it countinously and after sometime when it gets little bit yellowish then remove it coz its ready to eat..

    Other than that I cant think of anything at the moment..........
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    When I really don't feel like cooking, i'll usually pop to the shop and buy a pizza. Stick it in the oven, gas mark 5 for 25 minutes - easy :)
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    Ice cream.

    nuff said.

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