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Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by arunmir, Dec 26, 2006.

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    What is mean by Extra initialization command on modem property?
    Can I mute the sound of modem when dialing no(not only for connect internet)?:mad:
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    I found this article that may be of help to you. It is from microsoft and describes on how to setup and configure a modem in windows :D Microsoft Corporation

    The article said that the volume can be turned all the way down in the general properties of the modem. Go to the control panel and double click phone and modem options. Then select the modems tab and choose your modem, and then click properties. There should be a speaker volume setting which you can slide down so it makes no noise.

    It states in the article that "the Extra initialization commands entry box allows you to append to the standard initialization commands used to set up the modem at the start of a communications session. These can be standard AT-type commands, or commands specific to your modem or communications device. Refer to the manufacturers documentation for a description of available commands."

    I'll admit im not too sure on what extra commands these can be, but it seems to be modem specific whatever they are. I hope this helps! :chk:

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