External VGA on Smashed laptop?

Discussion in 'Mobile Technology' started by DanielGent, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Hi there,

    Someones given me an HP G60 laptop thats been dropped down the stairs. The LCD is completely smashed. When I turn it on the fans spin and power lights are on but nothing comes on the screen (and there are no beeps). When I take out the RAM I get 3 beeps from POST, so it must not be completely screwed. I've taken out the Optical Disk Drive and Hard Disk drive and tested them in my PC (using diagnostic software and the SATA connections) and they are both fine. When I plug in an external display via the VGA output nothing appears on the monitor, even when I press fn+F4 (the external monitor button).

    So my question is, can I just plug an external monitor in and expect the display to show on that or do I have to change some settings in the BIOS first? (which I can't do as the screens smashed). I could take an old screen out another laptop and connect it to test but I'd rather not if the laptops definitely done in!
    Is this laptop completely wrecked or is there hope yet? I had a look on the HP website but I can't find anything in the manuals about the beep codes. Any idea where I could get the info? Do all HP laptops use a certain BIOS and thus I can find the beep codes that way?

    Much thanks for your help,

    Dan Gent

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