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Discussion in 'Storage Devices' started by viper, Oct 6, 2005.

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    I just got a new pc and it has a 48x Philips DVD-RW. Now I have a decent knowledge of pc's but to peoples standards on here i'm probably still a n00b. Just wanted to see what people thought of this, i'm guessing that this is pretty good, what you think?
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    This sounds good.
    I think it might refer to the read speed...

    Even if it did refer to the write speed, I doubt there is DVD media you can write to at that speed. If there is, it probably costs a furtune....

    What should be of more conceren to you is not so much the speed but things like buffer size, error correction and prevention facilities etc.

    If you post the whole spec of the drive, we could probably comment a bit more knowledgably.
    Come back with the results....

    All the best!
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    The 48x is the CD writing or reading speed. The actual speed of DVD writing is probably around 4x to 8x on standard drives. Look in device manager and post the exact model is gives you and its possible to find its specs. Either way its decent.
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