Camera doesn't work properly

Discussion in 'Tablets, Phones and Music Players' started by arunmir, Dec 27, 2006.

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    I have a Motorola V220.
    Its' camera doesn't work properly(I can't start it) after a long time off (about 4 months).
    What is the problem in my phone?
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    It's a Motorola, that's the problem :D

    *Sorry, that just looked like the perfect opportunity for a joke*

    But seriously, if you've still got warranty try and take it back for repairs but you probably don't have warranty anymore.

    How about trying a master reset? Enter your menu, then settings, then initial setup and you should find master reset.

    *Use below at your own risk*

    If you're not really worried about ending up with a dead phone you could always try flashing your V220, the things you need are;

    - Flash files
    - Flex files
    - Pst Phone Programmer
    - Usb data cable

    How-to: Flash Motorola Flex / Vxxx phones this site covers everything you'd like to know before you start flashing.

    Good luck,


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